“How do you realize in life that you need a nutritional coach? Well, sometime after the whole in your belt, or after many attempts to lose weight which brought results only on short term. In my case, I have received as gift few coaching sessions with Adrian and I entered this process with a high curiosity, as I was hearing for the first time the concept of ,,nutritional coach”. I was wondering what he can tell me / teach me in addition to what I already knew. Well, these sessions with Adrian helped me enormously because I understood that food choices are unique, and only each individual can decide for himself to change them or not. I made changes in my rhythm, understanding the cause and not only observing the effect. These sessions were an excellent opportunity to train my discipline, make a routine of attending these discussions, and to prepare with self-explanatory information when I was setting my next steps.

Personally I recommend Adrian to anyone wishing a better self-version.

Wish you all the best, Adrian C.”

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