“What I have found since the first session with Adrian was that I will not learn of any “new or miraculous diet”. What he sugests is rather a set of simple and clear rules about how to get rid of bad habits and foster good ones, thus creating a healthy living style. He never told me “this is strictly forbidden” or “this is mandatory”. Starting from my eating preferences and my daily routine he recommended me several changes or finetunings, adding a little bit of order to my existing knowledges and clarifying some aspects.
The sessions I had with Adrian were very interesting, he has lot of knowledge on anatomy and even psichology. I have learned how our body digest food and how making some changes in our meals schedule can have immediate effect on our weight. Also why our brains loves fats and sweets and how cravings start to form in our mind. Also he explained me how hunger sensation is sometimes an easy way through which our body tries to cover other emotions built inside us with short pleasure moments.
So I wormly reccomend him!

PS : If you want to prepare for a marathon or a half marathon, you can ask Adrian some “tips” as well.”

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