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About us

The website is administrated by the Sira Turism SRL society, registered at the Bucharest Register of Commerce with the number J23/3780/2017, fiscal code 37971053, both called “EatingAdviser”.

If you wish to send us any feedback or additional information, send us an email at or fill out our contact form.

EatingAdviser has the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyle principles about the way we eat, viewed holistically with physical exercise, rest, and stress minimizing.

We wish to have a relationship based on good faith, ethics, trust and transparency with our clients, partners and viewers of our website.

So, we wish to be transparent regarding the collection of private data, the way we use it and the people we share it with.


The purpose of data protection policy

When you register as a user, subscribe to the newsletter, book a session or order/buy on our website, it is necessary to give us personal data like name, email address and address so that we can communicate with you, to send you the information you have solicited, appointment links, invoices for your purchases on or other personal data that we need to offer you personalized and accurate nutritional counseling.

So, we have adopted and implemented this policy regarding the use of your personal data (“Data Protection Policy”) where you will find important information viewing aspects like:

  • What kind of personal data or information we collect, stock, transfer and how we use your personal data in general (collectively called “processing” or “processing operations”), as well as the ways and purposes that these processing operations are realized for.
  • To whom we unravel these data, if necessary
  • What security measures we have for the protection of your personal data
  • What are your rights regarding the use of this data and how u can exercise them
  • Other compulsory information according to the European Parliament Regulations (EU) 2016/679 and the Council from 27th of April 2016 about the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and their repeal to the Direction 95/46/CE (”GDPR”).


When does the Data Protection Policy apply?

This Data Protection Policy applies for an unlimited period from the moment you have accessed our website It can be modified by EatingAdviser at any given moment to keep up with legislation updates, or to reflect modifications of the website, our internal practices, or  the used technology, thus we advise you to check out this material every time you access our website in order to view the current version. We consider that you accept any modifications if you continue to use the website and your user account after every update. But you can always take back the accord you have given for the use of your personal data in a written request.

This Data Protection Policy applies when you use any of the or services listed down below. We offer options regarding the data we collect, use, and share in the actual Data Protection Policy and the Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy.

Together with the Terms and Conditions of our website, this Data Protection Policy makes up your contract with EatingAdviser.


Links to other websites and Google Analytics contains links toward other websites that can also collect information about you. By accessing these links, you automatically accept the policies of those websites. We encourage you to carefully read the data protection  policies and terms and conditions that these websites provide so you can browse with self awareness and take some precautionary measures for your own online safety.

EatingAdviser is not responsible for the practices of other websites regarding the use of personal data.

We use Google Analytics to measure the traffic on our website. Google has its own Data Protection Policy that you can check here If you wish to unsubscribe from Google Analytics access    Google Analytics opt-out page .


Principles that we use for our Data Protection Policy

We follow a series of principles for protection and use of personal data:

  • The processing must be legal, correct and transparent.
  • The processing must be limited as a purpose. Our processing activities correspond to the purpose for which this personal data has been collected.
  • The processing must be done using minimal data. We collect and process the minimum quantity of personal data for a certain purpose.
  • We are making efforts to ensure the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of the data.


What data we are collecting and when we collect it

Personal data that can help identify you.

When you create a user account on this website, we collect the following personal data:

  • Email address
  • Password (this password will be generated when you set up your account)

If this information is not provided, it is impossible to get registered and set up an account.

When you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect the following data:

  • Email address

If this information is not provided, it is impossible to receive information through the newsletter.

When you order a product/ service from our website we will request the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Billing address and/or delivery address and/or email address
  • Phone number (not mandatory)
  • If it is the case- the name of the society, you represent and act in the name of

This information is necessary for generating your bill for the purchased service/product.

When you book a nutritional counseling session we can request information regarding your health, possible food allergies or data like age, weight, and height. This information is not mandatory but, if provided, it can help when we evaluate your actual state and the counseling you will receive.

Anonymous information

The cookies and action tags that us and our partners use (through publicity servers, content servers, website analyzing agents etc.) on this website, help us gain access to anonymous information about you such as:

  • IP address
  • The country and server that your computer is connected to
  • Your operating system, browser type and the type of computer you use
  • Cookies and Java configuration
  • Buying preferences and your behavior on this website (pages you have visited, searches you have made and products/services you have purchased, the date and hour of your visit or order, number of visits and orders, number of visits on a browsing session etc.)
  • Information about you zip code area associated with your server; URL addresses that have led you to our website
  • Apps and plug-ins or terms that have been used when you searched for our website

We collect this information in a manner that will not allow your personal identification. But it is possible that we or our partners can associate this information with your identity if you have a user account.

We ask you to read more about cookies and the way we use them (and how you can disable them) in the Terms and Conditions of our website in the Cookies section.

EatingAdviser does not withhold or stock the details of the  credit cards  used when you purchased a service/ product from our website as  information is being sent directly to our partners that process your payments. If you wish to know more about the data processing policy of our partners that process your payments, we invite you to read these policies directly from their websites.


Why do we collect this data?

We need this information to:

  • Register you as a user on our website and to communicate with you
  • Deliver digital products and links for your video sessions
  • Inform you about your session status
  • Generate the bills for your payments
  • Inform you about different promotions or subjects that might interest you
  • Leave comments or suggestion on our website
  • Recognize you when you return to our website so we can offer you a personalized experience
  • Track personalized traffic, activity level and the way you use the website
  • Improve our marketing campaigns and promotion efforts
  • Prevent or detect possible frauds or abuses on or website
  • Improve the website’s performance and system administration
  • Improve the viewers experience in general and to personalize the content, aspect, and services that we provide

We store your data as long as it is necessary for accounting purposes or other legal obligations. Also, we reserve our right to anonymize the collected data and to use them. We can use these data outside the scope of this Data Protection Policy only when they are anonymous.

We will inform you in the future if we wish to use your data for other purposes than the ones listed above, and you will have the possibility to accept or deny.


Other ways we can use your personal data

We offer free newsletters and emails with promotional content personalized with special offers. To unsubscribe, follow the instructions provided in the email you have received from us or send an email at .

If you contact us through the form on the website or by phone, email, or letter we will track the correspondence and we can request your name, email, and information about your orders to send you a response. If you report a problem with the website or if other users or third parties send us correspondence regarding your activity and purchases from our website, we will also keep track of these messages and put them in a separate folder for you.

We follow the traffic patterns of the users of for the  whole online browsing session (including which pages, information and announcements you view and what products you add to your cart and later purchase).

We are using your IP address to diagnose problems that might occur in relation to our servers, our software platform and administration of our website, as well as to collect demographic information. We can send aggregate statistics about the pages viewed on our website, about sales and information about shopping with third parties.


To whom we can reveal them

  • Our employees, consultants and authorized people that need to know them
  • Companies from the group to which EatingAdviser belongs, its associates and shareholders
  • Third party partners that provide us services (like the providers of the e-commerce platform, the ones that host the website, the ones that help us monitor and optimize our website, the ones that provide the client support service and other companies that help us send communications and promotional offers)

Cases in which we can unravel or transfer your data to other people:

  • In case of a sale, reorganization, merger, or association of companies involving the business of EatingAdviser (including negotiations for it); in such a case, you will be notified by email or by an announcement posted on the website and you will be asked for your approval
  • If a crime has been committed or a complained has been made regarding the content, you have posted on this website
  • If it is necessary to protect EatingAdviser, the affiliated companies or the other users
  • If we are obliged by law or other competent authority

EatingAdviser does not rent or sell to other companies your personal data.

By using our website, you give us your approval to transfer your personal data in countries from the European Union where some of our commercial partners might be located (only for the purposes described in this policy)


How do we protect them? We are using safe protocols for communication and data transfers (like HTTPS). We stock your information on secure servers that belong to Romarg SRL. For more detail access the Romarg website.

Even though we have taken security measures against unauthorized access, destroying or accidental loosing of data, there are not 100% efficient security measures so we cannot offer any guarantee regarding the complete protection of the data that we own and operate. So, EatingAdviser will not bear any reasonability in the event of loosing or illegal use of data from third parties.


For how long are we using them?  

We use your personal data throughout our contractual relationship but also after its completion in order to comply with the legal obligations applicable in the field, including, but not limited to archiving obligations to collect any amounts due, to resolve any disputes and to aid any official investigations.


What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

As a data subject you have rights regarding the personal data that we collect from you. So, you are benefiting from:

  1. Right to information – you need to know if your personal data is being processed, what data is being collected, where is it gained from, how much and why and by whom is it processed
  2. Right to access- you have the right to access the data that has been collected from/about you. This includes the right to request and obtain a copy of the personal data that we own
  3. Right to updates/rectifications- you hate the right to request to rectify or delete your personal data that are incomplete or inaccurate
  4. Right to delete- under certain circumstances you can request to delete your personal data from our records. If we are unable to delete them, we can work toward anonymizing them
  5. Right to restrict processing- you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data if certain conditions are being met
  6. Right to oppose processing- in some cases you have the right to deny the processing of your personal data, for example in case of direct marketing
  7. The right to oppose automatic processing- you have the right to refuse automatic processing, including profiling. You have the right to refuse to subject to a decision based exclusively on automatic processing
  8. Right to data portability- you have the right to obtain your personal data in an adequate format or, if possible, you can request to transfer them to another data processor
  9. Right to withdraw your consent- you have the right to withdraw any consent you have given regarding the processing of your personal data
  10. Right to make a complaint- if you consider that your rights viewing personal data have been violated
  11. Right to seek help from the supervising authority- you have the right to ask for support form the supervising authority and the right to other remedies such as claim for damages.

The contact data for the supervising authority for data protection is: The National Authority for the Supervising of Personal Data Processing, G-ral boulevard, Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1, postal code 010336, Bucharest, Romania, phone +40318059211, +40318059212, email

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