Healthy eating
is in fact so simple

Healthy eating should be a simple and fun thing. It’s some science but also a lot of common sense. Want to know more?

  • Easy to implement
    Easy to implement
    Personalized approach, easy to understand, no pressure-small but firm results, within a wholistic approach.
  • Health improving
    Health improving
    Integration of eating habits with sleep, exercising and other good habits within a general wellbeing frame, to create premises for a healthier, happier life. ​
  • Personal coaching
    Personal coaching
    Individual support through understanding of each person’s needs and aspirations, life coaching. ​

Why a personalized approach works better

Each of us it’s a complex and unique universe. We are partly what we eat, but not entirely. Some food might work for you but not for others. Preferences and also food availability varies a lot, so a one to one discussion will always have better results on the long term vs a general advice.

  • Sustainable weight loss
    Loosing 2-3 kg in a week is relatively easy to achieve, but not healthy and difficult to maintain. Smaller steps will keep you on the road.​
  • Mindful eating
    Discover the benefits of an intuitive and friendly eating approach, make food your friend.
  • Child nutrition
    Children eat what you give them…until they meet other kids or start watching food advertising. Friendly solutions for teaching children to eat healthier.
  • Sport nutrition
    Improve sport performance through a proper nutrition.​ Learn beyond the advertise.

Your first quick wins

Nutrition advice is usually associated with complicated calculations on each meal and the need to measure each quantity of food. Before getting into it so deep there are few simple and efficient ways to get you some visible results without too much hedache. Book a call to find out.


Why eating (real) food will keep you healthy

Simple and natural food is easier to assimilate by the body and has the advantage of packing together more nutrients. Processed food has a lower nutrient content for a longer shelf life and even if it is enriched subsequently the effect is just not the same. While it could be difficult to avoid processed food, keeping a right balance is in fact the key. If you are interested in some free eating tips (as mentioned above, not all might work for you 🙂 ) sign up for the newsletter.

Diets work only temporarily, a lifestyle can work forever

Normally, if there is no adverse health condition and you can allocate some time to foster new eating habits and few meal preparation skills, after a certain number of sessions you should become rather independent of frequent nutrition advices.


Healthy eating is one of the key elements for a healthy life, so:

  • Eat healthy
  • Be active
  • Sleep well
  • Do good deeds
  • Limit stress

Try Eating Adviser risk-free! If it is your first session we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

I want to offer you the peace of mind related to the challenge of engaging in a nutritional advice program. It is normal to prefer testing first if the concepts I promote suit you, or if the way I work is what you are looking for. Therefore, for your first session with Eating Adviser I offer you a 100% refund in case you are not satisfied how the session went and request this in the next 24 hours. The first session is a long one (90 minutes) and it should offer you the possibility to get an idea on how I work. So, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we’ll make it right.


What our clients say

“What I have found since the first session with Adrian was that I will not learn of any "new or miraculous diet". What he sugests is rather a set of simple and clear rules about how to get rid of bad habits and foster good ones, thus creating a healthy living style. He never told me "this is strictly forbidden" or "this is mandatory". Starting from my eating preferences and my daily routine he recommended me several changes or finetunings, adding a little bit of order to my existing knowledges and clarifying some aspects. The sessions I had with Adrian were very interesting, he has lot of knowledge on anatomy and even psichology. I have learned how our body digest food and how making some changes in our meals schedule can have immediate effect on our weight. Also why our brains loves fats and sweets and how cravings start to form in our mind. Also he explained me how hunger sensation is sometimes an easy way through which our body tries to cover other emotions built inside us with short pleasure moments. So I wormly reccomend him! PS : If you want to prepare for a marathon or a half marathon, you can ask Adrian some “tips” as well.”

Catalin V.

“How do you realize in life that you need a nutritional coach? Well, sometime after the whole in your belt, or after many attempts to lose weight which brought results only on short term. In my case, I have received as gift few coaching sessions with Adrian and I entered this process with a high curiosity, as I was hearing for the first time the concept of ,,nutritional coach”. I was wondering what he can tell me / teach me in addition to what I already knew. Well, these sessions with Adrian helped me enormously because I understood that food choices are unique, and only each individual can decide for himself to change them or not. I made changes in my rhythm, understanding the cause and not only observing the effect. These sessions were an excellent opportunity to train my discipline, make a routine of attending these discussions, and to prepare with self-explanatory information when I was setting my next steps. Personally I recommend Adrian to anyone wishing a better self-version. Wish you all the best, Adrian C.”

Adrian C.

“Nutrition represents an essential pillar in maintaining both our physical and mental health. Together with Adi we organised fruitful webinar sessions in which we explored topics like: Why is eating important? What are the recent studies on food and eating habits? How can each of us learn healthier eating habits? Through his workshops we reached our colleagues with useful tips & tricks and inspired them to make more healthier decisions when planning their meals. Adi's evidence based approach, using the scientifical knowledge behind nutrition and its impact on our daily lives is highly valuable when addressing this kind of topic. Moreover, he is an example of "leading by example" type of facilitator. He doesn’t preach anything that he himself did not also test. Adi, please continue to do your thing in sharing with us your curiosity and food related insights.”

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