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(last update on March 31st)

When you visit or view the https://eatingadviser.com website, and you also order/buy products or services listed on this website it means you have read, understood, and agreed with the Terms and Conditions listed below.

When you place an order or when you set up a user account it also means that you have read, understood, and agreed with both the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy (referring to the usage and protection of your personal data).

Furthermore, the use of this website implies the acceptance of the required cookies.

All these elements are part of the contract between you and https://eatingadviser.com , as well as its administrators and owners.

By using this website, you declare that you are at least 18 years old, and you have read, understood, and therefore agree with the presented Terms and Conditions. If this condition is not met, then we ask you to leave this website.

If you continue to use this website, then you automatically confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed with our Terms and Conditions.


About us

The https://eatingadviser.com website is administrated by the Sira Turism SRL society, registered at the Bucharest Register of Commerce with the number J23/3780/2017, fiscal code 37971053, both called “EatingAdviser”.

EatingAdviser has the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyle principles about the way we eat, viewed holistically with physical exercise, rest, and stress minimizing.

We believe that relationships with our clients, partners, and visitors should be based on good faith, ethic, trust and transparency. If you wish to send any feedback or additional information, use our contact form or send us an email at office@EatingAdviser.com.

These Terms and Conditions are applied for an unlimited period since you first access our website https://eatingadviser.com . We can always make changes so be sure to recheck occasionally to see the updated version.

By accessing this website, you agree to not cause any damage to EatingAdviser or to any juridical and natural person. When you create or update an account be sure to maintain your correct and complete identification data.

Except for the current legislation, EatingAdviser will not have any obligation or liability to its users, or third parties and it holds its right to add, erase, modify or use any materials, data, and information from https://eatingadviser.com at any moment, including the ones added by users or associated with their behavior while respecting the current laws and the national and European legislation regarding the protection of personal data. A user can be either a juridical or a natural person that accesses any page or resource provided on https://eatingadviser.com, weather they are registered or not on the website.


Protection of personal data

EatingAdviser assures the protection of your personal data collected from our website https://eatingadviser.com and commits to using them only in the favor of the costumers and the declared purpose of this website:

  • To ensure that our website https://eatingadviser.com functions properly
  • To create user accounts on the website
  • To schedule appointments
  • To provide quality consulting services in accordance with the specific needs of each and every one of our clients
  • To ship orders or information
  • For marketing purposes, to propose services, products, and offers targeted to your interests.

The information from the registration form, the newsletter subscription form, the appointment form, or the information from the shipping form can be used to send you an order or appointment confirmation, promotions, personalized ads or periodical newsletters etc. .

If an order has been placed in the name of a juridical entity (company, institute, association, ONG, PFA etc.) then it will be necessary to provide additional information referring to this entity such as name, social center, the registration number from the Register of Commerce or the National Register ONG (depending on the case), CUI or CIF. If you engage in a discussion with us while representing such an entity you expressly declare that you have the authority to act for said juridical entity and your agreement with the Terms and Conditions will legally bind the respective establishment.

EatingAdviser will not make public, share or sell information referring to the personal data of its clients.

According to law no 677/2001 for the protection of people regarding the use of personal data and free circulation of this data modified and completed, and law no 506/2004 regarding the use of personal data and the protection of the private life in the electronic communication sector, EatingAdviser has the obligation to administer only in safe conditions and only for specified purposes the personal data provided by clients, their family members or any other person.

Refusal to provide the necessary data for the appointment/order form determines the inability to honor said appointment/order. The registered information is destined for the use of the operator only and is not being communicated to another person. According to law no 677/2001, the client has the right to access and intervene over his or her data as well as the right to not be the subject to an individual decision and the right to address a higher form of justice. Furthermore, the client has the right to object the processing of data and to officially request the erasing of any personal data. Data will not be transferred in other countries.

EatingAdviser does not retain nor store bank card details used when placing an order or purchasing a service provided by our website https://eatingadviser.com.

EatingAdviser does not collect any personal data without your accord given in advance. Any user has the right to request access to all the data collected by EatingAdviser , the right to correct the collected data or to request EatingAdviser to erase all its stored data . To make a request regarding the data protection, collecting, stocking or the use of said data you can send an email to office@EatingAdviser.com.



In order to provide personalized services, EatingAdviser uses cookies.

Cookies are “.txt” files offered to your browser and then stocked on the device you are using when accessing different websites. Cookies are later sent to websites every time you return to it or another website that recognizes the same type of cookie, to monitor the online activity of the user. The use of cookies is a common practice amongst important websites.

For example, we can use cookies to identify you, to understand your behavior as a visitor, to improve your experience as a user and to offer information and services based on your preferences from your previous searches. In addition, third party online advertising networks can use cookies to adapt publicity messages depending on your preferences.

Most websites are set up to automatically accept cookies, but if you don’t prefer this then you can always reset your browser to notify you every time you receive a cookie and to even refuse cookies entirely. However, in order for some sections of our website to function properly, you need to accept the cookies.

By continuing to use this website after you have read and accepted the message regarding the use of cookies, you expressly  declare that you accept the use of cookies described in the pop-up message and in this informative material.

We use cookie to:

  • Facilitate access to the services and products offered on this website
  • Assure that this website works properly, adapted to your personal preferences
  • Identify the device from which you have accessed our website, and with your permission, to remember your username and password. This helps you every time you access EatingAdviser so that you don’t have to reenter the same information.
  • Improve and simplify the browsing on our website
  • Determine the performance of our website
  • Receive information regarding the way you use the website, your online preferences, the content viewed and your searched history so that we can constantly improve your browsing experience
  • Measure and optimize the online analytics instruments- level of traffic on the website, the way you get on the website, interest areas etc.

We can only unravel the information collected by cookies to our partners mentioned in this material and in the Privacy Policy. We do not intend to leak any information to other people, with the exception that we are obliged by the law or a competent authority. Furthermore, we do not sell the information gathered by cookies.

To find more about cookies, including how to visualize the type of cookies that have been installed and how to manage or erase them, visit www.allaboutcookies.org ,

www.aboutcookies.org  or http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/ .


The following links can also prove useful:

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In the window where you are asked for your consent regarding the use of cookies you have the possibility to accept only the necessary cookies, all the cookies or to personalize them.


Here are some examples of partners that we collaborate with to place cookies






https://www.cumamcam.com .


Limits regarding access to our website

We guarantee you as a user limited access, for your personal interest, on https://eatingadviser.com.   Neitherregistered users nor persons that do not have a legal contract binding with us have the right to download or to partially or fully modify the website, to reproduce it partially or fully, copy it or exploit it in any manner, for commercial or anti-interest purposes to EatingAdviser.

As a visitor you can access https://eatingadviser.com without providing any personal data.

Every single registry is made only for one user. Even if you are a user or subscriber to EatingAdviser , you are forbidden to share any access data for your EatingAdviser account such as user and password with other people.

The access for multiple users from the same account is forbidden. In the event of the discovery of such a situation, EatingAdviser reserves its right to cancel or to suspend your access, without the possibility to return the countervalue of your unused services.


Limits of liability

The use of any registered trademark on https://eatingadviser.com cannot be interpreted as a form of advertisement for a  company. EatingAdviser does not take responsibility, nor can it be blamed for any damage that appears by using the information or purchased products through our website. As a user you agree to use and purchase products from our website on your own risk.

The information included on https://eatingadviser.com is presented with good faith, from sources that we consider to be trustworthy. If one of the published articles or any other information fall under the copyright law, please let us know at this email address office@EatingAdviser.com, so that we can take the necessary legal action.

This website can contain different links to other websites. They are provided as an informative tool, recommendation, or as an association between us and third parties. We do not have any responsibility for these websites, their content, services, or provided products, nor the companies or associated entities with these  websites. Once you access these links, the Terms and Conditions from respective websites will be applied. We recommend that you take precautionary measures and to be careful when browsing other websites.

The opinions expressed in the provided articles on our website fall under the responsibility of their authors only and not of EatingAdviser.


Placing and confirming an order

The process of placing an order begins by pressing the “ book a session” , “buy” or  “add to cart” buttons, followed by the steps presented on the website. Orders can be made exclusively through our website for the standard products and services and the payment will also be made exclusively through electronic methods. After completing your payment, you will receive an email confirming your order. From this moment the contract between you and EatingAdviser comes into effect, and we are obliged to deliver and provide the purchased services or products.

The scheduling of nutrition counseling sessions can be made during or after making an order, depending on your chosen package. If your appointment has been completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation message via email containing an access link for you video session. You will have to check beforehand the data and hour of your appointment as well as if you have the necessary equipment and software to access this link. If you cannot meet these requirements, please contact us with maximum 24 hours before your appointment.


Delivery and price

Our products and services are in a digital format, their availability being instant after the confirmation of your payment.

The digital products will be sent in an electronic format at the email address that you provide in your order, therefore the physical form of that product is nonexistent and delivery to a physical address will not be necessary. The payment will be made exclusively online (with a credit card or other electronic methods), cash on delivery not being possible.

When you receive a valid login link (after making an appointment) or a gift card code, according to the order you have placed on the website, it will be considered that the service that EatingAdviser undertook to provide to you has been performed and accepted by you.

The scheduling of your nutritional counselling session will be made by you in the moment you have chosen your wanted service package or after your payment if you have a registered user account. Alternatively, you can request your session through our email office@EatingAdviser.com , in which case we reserve our right to get back to you in a maximum of 48 hours from your solicitation.

The payment of any product or service provided by EatingAdviser will be done only beforehand. Thus, EatingAdviser will never request its clients/users for a payment of a service already performed. If this type of request is being made from someone posing as EatingAdviser  please be aware it does not have any link to EatingAdviser, and should  be treated as such.

If EatingAdviser has been used by one of its business partners as a basis for the sale or promotion of third-party products and services, the relationship between you and the respective supplier will be regulated by your contract with the respective supplier, not by the one between you and EatingAdviser.



Digital products are an exception from the usual return policies because they are considered services by the current legislation.

It is  your responsibility and obligation as a costumer to check the publicly available compatibility information and instructions to ensure that the digital products and services you intend to purchase are compatible with the electronic device you intend to use for those products or services before making any payments.

The return of the equivalent of your nutritional counselling sessions, gift cards, or session packages from which at least one has been used is not possible. The only exception is when you are not satisfied with your first session and can therefore ask for a refund through a message via email to office@EatingAdviser.com in a maximum of 24 hours after the finalization of that session. Starting with your second appointment, a refund will not be available.

In the event of purchasing a digital product that is not compatible with your device, this specification being available publicly on our website, a refund will not be possible as long as you have been provided with a link that works in those specified conditions.


Complaints about products or performed services

If you wish to make a complaint referring to our products or services, you must notify EatingAdviser within 24 hours from you receiving them via email at office@EatingAdviser.com or by telephone. We are obliged to return you no more than what you have paid for a service/product that has been improperly delivered or has not been delivered at all to you.

We would like to solve any conflicts that may appear in an amicably way, even though we wish these conflicts will not occur. If this is not possible, local Romanian laws will be applied and the settlement of the conflict will be within the competence of the Romanian courts.

At the same time, if you are a consumer and you consider your rights have been neglected, you can always contact the National Authority for the Consumer Protection.



Promotions are applied to the orders that fully respect the displayed rules on our website during the period of validity clearly mentioned (and if it is the case) in the quantity clearly mentioned. EatingAdviser can withdraw the promotion without prior notice.



People registered on https://eatingadviser.com are able to make comments, messages, suggestions, ask questions, or give other information, as long as their language is appropriate and civilized and its contents are not illegal, obscene, racist, provoking, defamatory, and do not disturb in any way the private life of a person, do not violate the rights of intellectual property, do not contain viruses, do not serve any advertising companies that do not have ties with EatingAdviser, are not bulk emails or any form of spam. People that use an illegitimate email address, that will share either electronic messages or communications in the name of another natural or juridical person, or in the name of any entity will be sanctioned according to the current law.

EatingAdviser does not take responsibility, nor can it be obliged to any compensation of any kind for damage caused by this type of comments or messages. In case of sharing or displaying any kind of documents/materials, the user grants https://eatingadviser.com the unexclusive, free, and unlimited right to create derivative works as well as the right to share and present these contents in any corner of the world by any means. The user guarantees that he or her has all the rights to the document that he or her shares or displays on our website, by any means so that, by using this content, he or she will not cause any prejudices or to a third juridical or natural entity. EatingAdviser reserves its rights to withdraw any inappropriate comments or messages considered non-compliant with the conditions listed above from https://eatingadviser.com , without any warning given to its users.


Copyright/ Protection of intellectual property

The contents of the https://eatingadviser.com website- images, texts, web graphics, scripts, software- are the property of SC SIRA Turism SRL and is defended by the law of copyright and laws of the protection of intellectual and industrial property. The use of any elements listed above without the consent of EatingAdviser will punished accordingly to the current law.

Details regarding products, projects, events, and services that EatingAdviser presents on its website are offered only with informative purposes and can suffer unannounced changes. Furthermore, images, videos and other media resources are always presented as an example.

So, you cannot use, reproduce, or permit anyone to use or reproduce the materials that EatingAdviser provides without owning a written approval by EatingAdviser. You can copy and print these materials for your own personal use without any commercial intent.

For the data and information considered of general interest, that can appear in press, EatingAdviser has to give its written accord for publicity.

Nothing presented on https://eatingadviser.com can be interpreted as a license, assignment or transfer of intellectual property rights owned or in the possession of EatingAdviser.


The law governing the agreement

The rights and obligations of the parties, imposed by the current agreement, as well as all the juridical effects that are being produced by this agreement will be interpreted and governed by the current Romanian law. Any dispute concerning this agreement will be brought before the Romanian courts for settlement.


Final dispositions

If any of the clauses listed above will be found null or invalid, it will not affect the validity of the other clauses. With the purchase, launch of an order/ appointment, you unconditionally accept the Terms and Conditions of use, their value being the same as of as a valid contract.

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