(10-15 minutes prepare, 15 minutes cook) 

This is a recipe found in a vegetarian recipes book (1000 Vegetarian Recipes around the world) which our 16 daughter loves to prepare for us since more than 1 year. 

While it is a balanced dish from nutritional perspective, I would advise you to avoid preparing a large quantity as you might like it too much and end eating more than necessary 😊. Below I am presenting quantities for a weekend with friends/extended family; you can start however with half of the quantities, or even less. 

Ingredients for 8 portions:  

  • 4*400g (14oz) canned red (kidney) beans (try to choose simple ones, in water with some salt, nothing else) 
  • 2* 175g tortilla chips (we use organic ones, with chili powder if available or we make them in house from polenta) 
  • 2* 200g grated cheese of your choice (we use Cheddar)  
  • 2* avocado, stoned, diced and tossed with lime/lemon juice 
  • 1 medium onion or 6-8 spring onions, chopped.  
  • 4 ripe tomato, diced 
  • 1 spicy/chili pepper, sliced 
  • Salsa of your choice (Tabasco, etc) 
  • 200g (7oz) sour cream or Greek stile yoghurt (as you prefer) 
  • A pinch of chili powder, salt and pepper (use your own taste)  

Nutritional Information: 660 calories per portion (with cheddar and sour cream), of which:   

  • Fats: 36,5g of which saturated fats 13g
  • Carbs 48,7g of which sugars 5g 
  • Proteins: 27.5 g 
  • Fibers: 14,9g 


  1. Place the beans in a pan with the chili, salt and the pepper. Add water (you can use the water from the cans) to make a thick like soup consistency, stirring gently so that beans will not loose texture.  
  1. Heat the beans mixture over a medium heat until hot, then reduce heat and keep the mixture warm while you prepare the rest of the dish 
  1. Arrange half of the tortilla chips on the bottom of a flameproof recipient and cover them with the bean mixture. Sprinkle the previously grated cheese and bake in a preheated oven (150-200 °C/ 400°F, Gas Mark 6) until the cheese melts.  
  1. Arrange the salsa, avocado, onion, tomatoes, spicy pepper on top of the melted cheese. Surround with the remaining tortilla chips and pour the soured cream on top. 

By the way, you can find this recipe with a lot of variations on the internet (corn, green leaves), however I can recommend only what I have tasted 😊  

Curios to see if you liked it or if you tried also other variations.  


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