Vegetarian food – is it healthy?

Vegetarianism became lately quite a trend, fueled by sustainability concerns and by ethics reasons. Apparently more than 20% of Millennials are vegetarian, within above 8-10% of global population following same eating style. On top, while no more than 10-20 years ago there were concerns on the potential nutritional deficiencies, swarms of studies s …

April 15, 20240 comments

How many calories an adult needs per day?

I am not a fan of putting too much figures/calculations in nutrition advices; however, there are situations where crunching numbers is needed to reach a certain goal. This could apply to sport nutrition or to cases where a fast change in one person’s weight is required. Even so, I will try to give minimum numbers, and to also offer some hints for t …

March 29, 20240 comments

10 mistakes made by people who want to lose weight

Making mistakes when choosing our food or through our eating habits is understandable, due to media pressures and (sometimes) less beneficial eating traditions. And when it comes to losing weight, there are some frequent mistakes people are making in their efforts to achieve this purpose. I will go through some of these mistakes, so you can avoid d …

March 11, 20240 comments

The universe inside us

Each moment, between 1,5- and 2 kilograms of bacteria are teaming up with each of us in order to digest food, keep germs away, improve our mood or with many other purposes. It is our gut microbiota, billions of microbes, growing with(in) us since the day we are born. Here are some interesting facts:  99% of our body genes are non-human, 90% of …

February 20, 20240 comments

Why food diversification is good for health

Many of us have learned of or followed a dietary recommendation which promoted either the consumption or the restriction of a certain food group (i.e. only proteins or no carbs, or a certain color, etc.). Of course, with guaranteed weight loss in a short period of time, and (of course) without mentioning what it will happen on the long run. But let’ …

February 6, 20240 comments
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