Catalin V.

“What I have found since the first session with Adrian was that I will not learn of any “new or miraculous diet”. What he sugests is rather a set of simple and clear rules about how to get rid of bad habits and foster good ones, thus creating a healthy living style. He never told me “this is strictly forbidden” or “thi …

June 23, 2022

Adrian C.

“How do you realize in life that you need a nutritional coach? Well, sometime after the whole in your belt, or after many attempts to lose weight which brought results only on short term. In my case, I have received as gift few coaching sessions with Adrian and I entered this process with a high curiosity, as I was hearing for the first time the co …

May 17, 2022

ING Bank

“Nutrition represents an essential pillar in maintaining both our physical and mental health. Together with Adi we organised fruitful webinar sessions in which we explored topics like: Why is eating important? What are the recent studies on food and eating habits? How can each of us learn healthier eating habits? Through his workshops we reached ou …

April 1, 2022
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